Customized Kids flowers workshop 4-15 years of age

320,00 tax included

One of the most loving, inspiring, creative and blooming Secret Garden Workshops. A day full of sweetness, colors and love for flowers!
Contact us to customize your own flower workshop. Surprise your children and their friends with the most creative gift in your own space!

Minimum of 10 children. Price starts from 32€/each.


A colourful and blooming new activity for kids at parties or playdates. The idea is that we create a sweet and inspiring colorful space for kids to express their creativity. A unique idea for christenings, weddings or any other occasion. Α sketchbook, some pencils, vases and magic markers are some of the tools for our workshop. That fresh smell of herbs and the radiant flowers is what sets this workshop apart. First we sketch our ideas, then we paint the hand made vases, especially created for our workshops. Finally we move to the next step. We choose the flowers and make unique bouquets for each vase. The smell of fresh herbs, the bright colors of local flowers and the chance to create all together, tickles all our senses. As the kids choose and pick the flowers for their unique bouquets, the stems and leaves that are not used are collected in the designated bin. It is a great opportunity for kids to actively participate in the whole process. They create something beautiful and they make sure nothing is wasted.

The scraps of the flower workshop are cut into smaller pieces and collected together with all the waste from the production in our workshop and sent to our compost. Secret Garden makes sure that all its flower waste is composted and it’s this nutritious composted soil that we use for our gardening workshops.

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