Sharing now stands for shaping the future

Flowers need to be cared for if we want them to keep on blooming. In 2023, we were very pleased to announce the launch of The Secret Garden School. Our latest project’s purpose is to share the deep knowledge of floral design we have accumulated through the years, the daily application and the collaborations. Equally with professionals and amateurs,  who feel the same passion and love for flowers as we do, for newer and previous generations who wish to support their local community and our collective future.


The need to create a structured educational concept, came after repeated questions from Secret Garden collaborators and visitors on how they too could enter our world in a more practical way, get to know our philosophy and aesthetics from the inside. The Secret Garden School will operate following the locality philosophy that our company has adopted as part of its decision-making ethos. Fostering the young is essential for us, thus we have designed a special course available for kindergarten and elementary school children. A pop up structure is set up at the hosting premises and kids become introduced to the secret life of plants and their fundamental value for our livelihoods and planet.


The idea of compost as a solution for organic waste, its easy household and/or school implementation, along with zero-waste principles are introduced and experienced through sensory games and examples. Feel free to contact us for more information regarding The Secret Garden School for all ages!

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