Weekend Retreat

480,00 tax included

Weekend retreat by Alina Dheere
Saturday 05/11/2022
Sustainable foraging, Natural hand-tied Bouquet and Natural Flower Arrangement
– Natural style flower hand tied bouquet
Learn or master how to create a natural style hand – tied bouquet based on the spiral technique. You will be guided through on how to treat and condition flowers, how to create flower recipes, and how to texture and color match.
Natural Flower Arrangements
Learn or master how to arrange flowers in a vessel with the use of kenzan in combination with chicken wire. Emphasis will be on composition, lines, colours and textures and how to choose the right materials to achieve the desired look.
Sunday 06/11/2022
Site Sensitive Installation 
From suspended designs to floor sculptural designs, a site sensitive installation will be created in a group effort. A concept will be presented and through step by step guidance you will experience the process of creating a large scale installation from initial idea to the final result, learning fundamental techniques of floristry.
This workshop is fitting for a range of students – from complete beginners – to those keen to master and enhance their style and methods.


Alina Dheere has a background in Art History, Theatre and Performance (Goldsmiths) and works across different disciplines, offering flower styling, botanical set design, multi-sensorial events, large-scale installation work, concept creation and teaching. She has consulted and worked with clients across Europe, Asia and the Middle East, and has taught floristry at McQueens International Flower School and the London Flower School. She uses flowers both as an artistic medium and a tool for communication, often drawing from theatre and performance practices and sees flowers as performative elements, never in a neutral state. She is constantly exploring how we experience nature’s relationship with technology and vice versa.
Through her workshops around the world, she wishes to encourage participants to develop their own creative vision so that they are not limited to traditional floral design techniques.