Social Impact

The story of a flower

Let’s see what happens if we follow these roses to the end.

First we create! All the roses will be placed inside these vases and will be part of a beautiful table decoration. After the production work, we bring the flowers to the venue. Keep following! All the roses are here. First one on the table. One hour later the set up is ready. But what happens when the party is over? We come back and make the most important selection! We keep the good roses for donations and “throw” the rest in boxes. Have you ever wondered why?

With the roses that are still alive and fresh we make new small bouquets for donations. The rest are cut into smaller pieces and collected together with all the waste from the production in the workshop. Why? Because we believe that flowers have this magical power to bring smiles and joy! And so whenever we have this possibility we prefer to offer all these beautiful flowers to people we know will appreciate them. And the rest we compost.